"I'm truly sorry I missed the show, but I don't doubt for a minute any of the positive comment's in Regina's email. There's nothing like partaking in an event where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Being explained your strengths and weaknesses is what it's all about! Thanks IPHF!!!"

Maritza Martinez




Hello Sheila,

Thank you so much for the awesome IPHF show you put on last weekend. I'm sure that all of us diagonal lovers (Trote y Galope, Trocha y Galope and Trocha Pura) will agree we were very excited about the ability to compete our horses. It was a thrill for us to give the public a chance to see our breathtaking, imposing "trotones" and make a distinction between the Caballos de Paso Fino and the Caballos de Trote y Galope and Trocha. We loved the way the judges explained how, just like the Paso Finos. our diagonally gaited horses can be very smooth to ride and that due to the suspension between the steps, no posting is required in the trot.

One of the things I like best about the IPHF is the very professional judging. In my past experience competing in the IPHF, I learned that you have to EARN that ribbon. Ribbons are not for sale at the IPHF. Although there may be only one competitor in the class, he or she doesn't get a blue ribbon just for the ability to inhale and exhale. I think it is great that the judges have the latitude to excuse the competitor, decide to give the competitor a lower placement, such as 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, or if truly deserving, award the 1st place ribbon. The 1st place ribbons my Trote mare, Cali and I earned will be very dear to me for that reason. They really mean something important.

I am also firmly convinced that no one is awarded a ribbon just because they make big cash contributions to the IPHF or because it will be good publicity because that particular exhibitor is special somehow. Even if it were a certifiable fact that I would be dead in two days, I'll bet the IPHF would only give me a ribbon if I truly excelled in exhibiting the breed. But you would send flowers, right?

I strongly feel like I am on an even playing field.

I think all of us in attendance had a great time. The clinics held by the trainers and judges were a special treat. My favorite was the clinic put on by Judge Londono. She was very knowledgeable about the diagonals and I learned a lot. I love her sense of humor and technical jargon (like discombobulated).

In short, anyone who wasn't at the show missed out on a great one!

Regina E Corcoran


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