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Dear Paso Fino Enthusiasts, Owners, Breeders, & Trainers:

Due to changes that took place in CONFEPASO in late February, the leadership of IPHF would like to take this opportunity to share a little history and some important procedural information for this new phase affecting the Paso horse in the United States.

1. What is IPHF (lnternational Paso Horse Federation)? IPHF is a non-profit corporation that was created in 2007 to promote and support the showing of Paso horses of all modalities {Paso Fino, Trocha, Trocha y Galope and Trote y Galope). The focus of IPHF was to embrace aspects of the breed rules and standards from the countries of origin. IPHF has remained active with about 2 shows per year at a minimum in the Central Florida area. lt has maintained a registry for several years for the Diagonal gaited horses (Trocha, Trocha y Galope and Trote y Galope).

2. What is CONFEPASO? Confepaso is a non-profit organization that regulates standards of showing throughout the countries that participate. Each country that is a member of CONFEPASO has an Association/Federation that represents and fulfills the basic requirements set in CONFEPASO bylaws: to register, promote, educate, and oversee the development of the Paso Horses of all Modalities in said country. Each country has two delegates on the CONFEPASO Board of Directors, which represent the country. These delegates are members of the recognized entity representing its country.

3. What brought about this change of representation for the United States in CONFEPASO? About a year ago, CONFEPASO members started a project to unify judging criteria, show rules and judging standards among member organizations. The goal of this project is to unify the criteria so that anyone observing or competing at a Paso Horse show could expect the same judging standard for the Paso Horse in each of the shows sanctioned by the member country organizations of CONFEPASO. A secondary goal of the project is to create a marketing and development strategy that is good for all countries breeding and showing Paso Horses. When PFHA (Paso Fino Horse Association) announced that they would not be complying with the Unification of Confepaso rules, then IPHF submitted a letter to CONFEPASO requesting consideration to be the entity that represents the United States in their organization. On March12, 2015, lPHF was officially notified that it would be accepted as the entity to represent the United States.

4. What is next? IPHF will be assisting CONFEPASO with the promotion and logistics for all United States members who wish to participate and attend the next CONFEPASO Mundial, November 19 - 22, 2015. One of the main CONFEPASO requirements for participation in the Mundial Show is that the owners, trainers and exhibitors MUST be members of the entity representing their country, The horses also MUST be registered with the member Association or Federation in order to participate at the Mundial Show or any International Rated show.

5. IPHF will be registering horses of all modalities. Through the end of 2015, IPHF will issue a registration certificate for any horse already registered with PFHA or ATTA without any additional registration fee. The owner of the horse may submit copies of their horses PFHA or ATTA registration certificates when they apply for membership in IPHF. These horses whose registration certificates are submitted prior to 12/31/2015 will be grandfathered in for registration with IPHF. The owner will pay only the cost of their IPHF membership and the cost for shipment of their new IPHF Registration certificates, which will be calculated and billed separately. The IPHF annual membership fees are: Farm: $75; lndividual: $45; Youth: $15; Family: $75. This offer ends December 31, 2015. To take advantage of this offer, please send your completed membership application, payment for fees and copy of ATTA and/or PFHA registration papers to: IPHF, c/o Sheila Spence, 4030 SE 219th Ave, Morriston, FL 32668. IPHF will develop the registration forms and procedures for use after 2015 and will issue an announcement in the future with details.

6. IPHF is currently working with leaders of past Team USA, YOUTH EQUITATION team, to establish guidelines and follow some existing procedures to provide team with practices and workshops in preparation for 2016 YOUTH EQUITATION MUNDIAL in Puerto Rico. This is the USA team and we want the best chances for our youth riders to represent the United States as they have so successfully done at past Mundial Equitation competitions.

7. IPHF will be establishing a show circuit that will be announced shortly. The show rules will be those established by CONFEPASO through its current unification efforts. We look forward to expanding the exposure and enjoyment of the Paso Horse in the United States.

Finally but not least, the name International Paso Horse Federation intentionally does NOT have the word "FlNO" ; IPHF focuses on Paso horses of all modalities, embracing the traditions of the countries of origin.

IPHF Board Members have been involved in PFHA for over 15 years in many different levels and will continue to participate as they have since the inception of IPHF. The officers are: Carlos E. Tobon -President; Sharon Quinn Dixon - Vice President; Sheila Spence - Secretary; Tony Coleman - Treasurer.

IPHF Leadership hopes this announcement provides some clarity as we navigate through these changes. IPHF asks all members in the United States to stay open minded and positive so that the Paso horse benefits from the same.


Carlos E. Tobon
IPHF President



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